Immediate Objectives

1.  Act as a think tank and collate evidence

The Network will collect, collate and analyse quantitative and qualitative data, including women’s testimonies, and effect change through publishing findings that include this data as evidence. The Network will also act as a means of communicating joint messages for all the organisations involved.


With time, the Network could become the “go-to” place for information and statistics on women’s mental health and on gender-specific services.

The aim of this project is long-term, with the plan that, over time, the Network will provide expertise and training based on the models and best practice developed by Wish and other members.

2.  Act as a platform for member organisations and individual members

The Network will:

  • Bring together organisations working in women’s mental health and related areas, including criminal justice, to achieve more through joint campaigning
  • Function as a platform for members to voice opinions and concerns about women’s mental health, not just as individual organisations, but as a strong united body
  • Represent organisations from across the sector, who work with different groups of service users, ensuring the Network speaks for an inclusive and diverse group of women
  • Help organisations to increase the impact of their work and their campaigns
  • Bring together relevant women- focused work and campaigns from across a range of sectors

3.  Launch campaigns for better, gender-specific services

pexels-photo-533189.jpegThe Network will create a strong and influential campaign platform for women’s mental health. The WMHN aims to reach stakeholders who can help create a better environment and offer support for women who use services. The Network will launch campaigns that would address the lack of gender-awareness in certain services.

These campaigns will be evidence-based, on the experience of women who use services, across sectors.  The campaigns will be piloted and evaluated at a local level, and disseminated nationally, supported by NICE accreditation.