Revolving Door

Now in its 25th year, Revolving Doors Agency is a charity that creates and shares research, influences policy and evaluates services to break the cycle of personal crisis and crime known as the ‘Revolving Door’. The Revolving Doors group is made up of people who face multiple crises, including mental ill health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, homelessness and repeat criminal justice contact.

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Revolving Doors’ vision is that by 2025, no-one will be stuck in the revolving door of crisis and crime. Instead, people with multiple problems and poor mental health will be supported to reach their full potential. As a result, there will be fewer victims and communities will be safer.


Revolving Doors works to demonstrate and share evidence of effective interventions and to promote reform of public services through partnerships with political leaders, policy makers, commissioners and other experts and by involving people with direct experience of the problem in all of its work.


Revolving Doors always:

  • Puts people first. Revolving Doors believes in people and their capacity to change. The charity recognises the primary importance of relationships in achieving happiness and promoting change. It asserts the right of everyone to a fulfilling life as active citizens in their community. It values diversity and actively challenges stigma, inequality and exclusion.
  • Brings people together. The charity believes those with direct experience of the revolving doors situation should have a leading role in developing solutions. It collaborates with partners, building a movement for change while maintaining independence and capacity to challenge when necessary.
  • Seeks lasting change. Revolving Doors acts as a catalyst for change through innovation and by sharing evidence-based solutions. It takes a strategic, long-term view of the problem, seeking permanent systemic change across society.