The Mental Health System and Criminal Justice System are designed by men for men, with women being boxed into services that don’t meet their needs.

There is currently no understanding of gender or women’s past trauma, with women rarely being believed and instead being re-traumatised by having male staff restrain them and observe them in their bedrooms at night, which is just one example of the many practices that should be gender-specific.

The policies about using gender-specific services are actually already there, but rarely put into practice, with just a third of NHS Trusts saying they provide gender-specific services.

It’s time to Turn up The Volume on these women’s voices, so they can decide what changes to services they need, which the Women’s Mental Health Network will then drive forward.

This Network is a user-led campaigning platform that will champion these gender-specific services women need, with their voices at the centre of our work.

We need these women’s voices to be heard.

pexels-photo-607812.jpegIf you have had an experience with the mental health system, and feel comfortable to share your story, use the hashtag #TurnUpTheVolume to make your voice heard, or Tweet your support for the network.

We will be driving forward these needed changes and we want you to have your say in what they should involve.