How using social media helped my mental health

                    Guest Post by Jennifer Richards

I’m from the generation that’s grown up with technology, where ‘Facebook me’ is a normal way to end conversations, and your friend will tell you Happy Birthday in person, by text, on your Facebook wall and maybe even direct message you on Instagram and Twitter too.

The rapid growth of social media that accompanied me into adulthood never really seemed too shocking, until I look back now and realise that the rise (and now possibly fall) of Facebook happened in just 15 years.

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Introducing the Women’s Mental Health Network

Guest Post by Joyce Kallevik, Director of Wish

Setting up and launching the Women’s Mental Health Network has been a long term aim of Wish, and we are almost there!!!

Wish, is the only national, user-led charity working with women with mental health needs in prison, hospital and the community. For 30 years we have been at the fore of providing long-term, gender-sensitive services, and supported women to have their voices heard at policy level.

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Community Link – Roxanne’s story

Guest post by Penny Bennett, Community Link Manager of Wish

Roxanne is a woman in her thirties who has been to prison several times. We are talking in the little room that Wish uses to meet women who have been referred to our services.  She has been recalled to prison for a few weeks for a minor breach of her probation conditions. These can be nothing more serious than being late for an appointment.

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Violence Against Women – what it means for mental health

Guest post by Jennifer Holly, Project Manager at AVA

Violence against women and girls takes many forms. Most commonly we talk about domestic violence, but sexual violence including female genital mutilation, forced marriage, so-called ‘honour’ based violence, stalking and harassment, trafficking, prostitution and child sexual exploitation are also woefully common experiences for women and girls. Estimates vary, but globally there is evidence that almost a third of women have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

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